Saturday, July 10, 2010

hack facebook

In this post I will tell you how to hack someone facebook account. The method is commonly known as phishing. Just follow these steps :
 First of all create a fake login page for facebook and you need a php script. You can download the php script and fake page from here
 You find two file here 1.facebook.html 2.write.php
 Then create a account in any free hosting site. I prefer to use it is new and it works.
 Then upload the all the files into a same directory.
 Just send the link of facebook.html to your victim
 If you victim try to login by the fake page, then you will get the email and password of your victim.
 Then you can see that there is a new file named passes.txt in your directory where you upload those file. The password is stored there.
You can hack other account by similar way.
Happy hacking.