Friday, December 11, 2009

increasing speed of internet?

then u can try this


Extra Parameter for Your Modem

By adding an extra parameter into the Dial-Up Networking, you can speed up your modem dial speed to the Internet. To do so, click the Start-Settings-Control Panel menus, and then double-click Modems icon to open Modem Properties box. Click the Properties button, click Connection tab, and then click the Advanced button. In the Extra Settings box, type S11=40, and then click OK. The 40 number shows the times between two dial tone in milliseconds.


The Remedy
** Start >> Run
** Type gpedit.msc
** This opens the Policy Editor
** Now, Local Computer Policy >> Computer Configuration
** Then, Administrative Templates >> Network
** Now, click on QOS Packet Scheduler
** Now, on Right hand side
** Double Click Limit reservable bandwidth
** Now in Setting Tab

It says : Not Configured
Reality : The Explain Tab says "By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection"

** So, on Setting Tab select Enabled
** Now, change Bandwidth limit (%) to 0 (Zero)
** Click OK !!!


You can't assume that just because you connected at a speed like 48.3KBps that you will stay there. Today's modems automatically fall back to a lower speed if the line noise is too high to maintain a faster connection, but sometimes they fall back too soon or too far.

Here's how to do it:

Click Start the button.
Select Settings.
Click Control Panel.
Double-click on the Modems icon.
Select your modem.
Click the Properties button.
Click the Connections tab.
Click the Advanced button.
In the "Extra settings" field, type S36=7
Click OK to save your settings.

This will force your modem to try to stay connected at high speeds in two different ways before dropping back to an asynchronous mode with auto speed buffering.

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