Friday, October 24, 2008

How to install joomla

In order to set up Joomla! for this website, you first need to have a server installed on
which Joomla! can run. The easiest way to set up a server on your own computer is to use
XAMPP. If you are installing Joomla! on a web host, please check out the “Official Joomla
1.5 Installation Guide” at Do not install the sample content and skip
ahead to the “Sections, Categories, and Articles” chapter after your installation is complete.
Note: The following instructions are based on a Windows install. Other operating
systems will be similar but slightly different. Please refer to the XAMPP installation
manual for your operating system.
1. Download the XAMPP installer for your version of Windows from the XAMPP
2. After downloading XAMPP, run the setup and follow the given instructions. Installing
Apache and MySQL as services is recommended:
Now that you are done setting up the server, it is time to download and unzip Joomla!.
1. First, we need to make a folder for Joomla!. Open the folder that you installed
XAMPP into – usually C:\XAMPP or C:\Program Files\XAMPP on Windows.
2. Open up the folder “htdocs:”
3. Create a new folder in “htdocs” titled “joomla15.”
4. Now we need to download the latest copy of Joomla! 1.5 from the net. Go to http:// and scroll down the left hand side to find “Download Latest” and
click on “1.5” to open the download page:
Installing Joomla! is a simple thing.
1. First, go to http://localhost/joomla15.
2. Select your language on step 1 and press “Next” at the top.
3. Make sure that there are no red items on step 2 (if you set up with XAMPP, you
should already be fine) and press “Next” to proceed.
4. Read over the license in step 3 and press “Next.”
5. On the “Database 6. Skip over step 5 and press “Next” to proceed to step 6.
7. Enter the site name “Landscape Smart!”, then the e-mail address and admin
password of your choice. NOTE: DO NOT PRESS “Install Sample Data!”
8. Press “Next” to complete the installation.” page, enter the following details, then press “Next:”
9. IMPORTANT: Open up the location where you unzipped Joomla! (usually
C:\XAMPP\htdocs\joomla15 or C:\Program Files\XAMPP\htdocs\joomla15) and
delete the “installation” directory:

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