Thursday, October 23, 2008

Types of server

There are various tApplication server, a server dedicated to running certain software applications
Communications server, carrier-grade computing platform for communications networks
Database server, see file AB2
Fax server, provides fax services for clients
File server, provides file services
Game server, a server that video game clients connect to in order to play online together
Home server, a server for the home
Print server, provides printer services
Proxy server, provides database IT server in services
Sound server, provides multimedia broadcasting / streaming.
Standalone server, an emulator for client-server (web-based) programs
Web server, a server that HTTP clients connect to in order to send commands and receive responses along with data contents
Web Feed Server, a server that distributes, manages, and tracks internal and external RSS feeds in an enterprise
Client-server, a software architecture that separates "server" functions from "client" functions
The X Server, part of the X Window System
Peer-to-peer, a network of computers running as both clients and servers
Catalog server, a central search point for information across a distributed network
ypes of server:

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